Business Printing

Besides security printing, MBM also provides general printing services to many businesses and organizations. These products include forms, computer forms, salary envelopes, confidential envelopes, letterheads, business cards and labels.

Our business printing products include:

  • salary envelopes, confidential envelopes

    Salary Envelopes, Confidential Envelopes

    salary envelopes, confidential envelopes
    • Available in any sizes and formats
    • Generates duplicates at one go
    • No separate envelope needed for mailing purposes
    • Print on all softwares and laser/dot martrix printers
    • Maximum security for confidential documents such as PINs and Salary Advices
  • Barcode & Label

    Barcode & Label

    Barcode & Label
    • Barcodes of any formats
    • Mailing addresses
    • Labels
  • computer form

    Computer Forms

    computer form
    • Bills / Invoices
    • Statements
    • Purchase Orders
    • Delivery Notes
    • Bill of Lading