Security Printing

Fraudulent and counterfeit activities have become a major concern for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Valuable and sensitive documents like cheques, coupons and certificates are more susceptible to fraud than in the past.

Documents fraud not only causes direct loss of revenue but also damages the reputation of your organization/brand resulting in greater indirect losses.

To protect your documents from counterfeit activities, MBM implements effective Security Controls and Procedures in the production line and offers a range of document Specialist Security Features. These security features are easy and low-cost to be incorporated into any documents and can be combined to achieve maximum anti-counterfeit results.

Our security printing products include:

  • Cheque



    MBM supplies Cheques in a wide range of sizes and formats, from company cheques to manual chequebooks, to suit different business needs. Features of our specially printed cheques include:

    • Specialist anti-fraud security features
    • Available in loose sheets and continuous form for laser and dot matrix printers
    • Prints on all accounting softwares and generates duplicates at one go
    • Newsletter, catalogue or promotion leaflet can be sent along when posting cheques for efficient communications with customers
    • Detachable remittance or payment advice can be printed together
    • Customization with your own logo and company name to enhance corporate image
    • Personalised messages can be included for specific payees or customers

    MBM is now the security Cheque and Cashier Order Printer for the following Banks:

    The HSBC
    Standard Chartered Bank
    Citibank, N.A.
    Bank of America, N.A.
    Hang Seng Bank Ltd.
    The Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubshi UFJ, Ltd.
    The Bank of East Asia, Limited
    Chong Hing Bank Limited
    Dah Sing Bank, Ltd.
    Deutsche Bank AG

  • Coupon, Voucher, Ticket

    Coupon, Voucher, Ticket

    Coupon, Voucher, Ticket

    Coupons, vouchers and tickets, like other valuable documents, are vulnerable to forgery attacks.

    Our specialist security features will effectively protect your company/institution from potential loss of revenue resulting from forgeries by making them hardly possible to be reproduced and easier to be authenticated.

    We are now producing various secure vouchers, coupons and tickets for many retailers and organizations. Together with the added security features, these vouchers help to reveal the prestige of these organizations and to achieve promotional purposes.

  • Certificate



    Certificates that are elegantly printed and equipped with security features will enhance not only the image of your brand but also effectively help to combat against fraud and protect your brand from loss of revenue and reputation.

    At MBM, we supply Certificates of any types:

    • Academic Certificates / Transcripts
    • Accreditation and Acheivement Certificates
    • Testing Certificates
  • Variable Data Printing

    Variable Data Printing

    Variable Data Printing

    Variable Data Printing (VDP) allows you to print documents with varying data or information which differ from one document to another, thus creating uniqueness to each single printout.

    At MBM, we offer Varaible Data Printing services that suit different business purposes. With state-of-the-art production printing platform, our high-volume daily capacity in VDP allows you to communicate effecitvely with your customers.

      Documents Personalization / Customization
      Bills/ Invoices
      Barcodes (code 39, code 128, EAN and QR code, etc)
      Mailing addresses
      Specially designed VDP print jobs to meet specific requirements
  • Share Certificates, Bond Certificates

    Share Certificates, Bond Certificates

    Share Certificates, Bond Certificates

    MBM supplies secure Share Certificates to many listed companies in Hong Kong. Besides, we also provide printing services for Bond Certificates.

Specialist Security Features

1. CopyVoid

A unique patented specialist anti-photocopy technique which protects documents from being fraudulently photocopied.

2. Invisible Ink (Fluorescent UV Ink)

Invisible under normal light, documents printed with UV ink can be easily authenticated using inexpensive UV lamp.

3. Erasable Ink

Displays signs of tampering when eraser is used.

4. UV Fibres

Similar to UV ink, UV fibres can be built into a paper and become visible under UV lamp for easy authentication.

5. Solvent Sensitive Ink

Ink smudges when touched with water, acids, alkali, bleaches and solvents.

6. Microtext

Minute printed text that cannot be read by naked eye and prevents accurate reproduction of the document. Authentication can be done using magnifying glasses.

7. Thermochromic Ink

Results in change in colour when heat is applied, for example by rubbing or a warm finger.